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Game Shows either not talked about much, not talked about anymore, or never talked about before.Each show contains info on the hosts, the specific details of each run, and some memorable moments.Cross-Wits have its own site because of its content.It has a back button on the main page, because itís now a part of this page.This page does include the British Version of Blind Date for those of you fans of the famed show.If you want me to cover any specific show not covered anywhere, please let me know, and Iíll put it up on this site.†† Thanks.




Do You Want These Shows?I have these shows, on tape.Please consult me for a possible trade.






Musical Chairs is a Don Kirshner Production.

Cross-Wits is a Ralph Edwards Production, an AOL Time Warner company.

Concentration is a NBC Production.

Strike It Rich is a Kline And Friends Production in association with Blair Entertainment.

Dream House is a Reid Production.

Now You See It is a Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production, a Fremantle company.

Yahtzee is a Bernstein-Hovis Production.

Blind Date is a LWT Production.

Break The Bank is a Jack Barry-Dan Enright Production, a Sony Pictures company.

Jeopardy! is a Merv Griffin Production, a Sony Pictures company.


All Pictures, Sounds, and other media regarding the specific show are property of the shows specific owner stated above, No intent of ownership allowed or given.


Thanks to those people who helped out to provide info on classic shows like these.I do appreciate all the help.