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Host:  Cilla Black

Announcer:  Graham Skidmore

Producers: Isobel Hutton, Colman Hutchinson, Michael Longmire, Martyn Redman, Kevin Roast, Gill Stribling-Wright

Directors: John Gorman, Ian Hamilton, Michael Hurill

Music By: Laurie Holloway

Taped At: LWT (London Weekend Television), London, England

Tape Dates: September 1985 - ???



Similar in format to the “Dating Game”, “Blind Date” focuses on the same three girls getting picked by a guy, and vice versa.



When the person picks their Blind Date, an envelope is picked by either partner, and they go away to someplace romantic, to spend the weekend.



After they come back, they do a “Love Connection” type review/recap of their date.   Certain times, someone proposes marriage on the show.