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Broadcast History:            March 30, 1964 - January 3, 1975, NBC (2,763 episodes)

                                                October 2, 1978 - March 2, 1979, NBC

Host:                                      Art Fleming (1964-1975, 1978-1979)

Announcer:                         Don Pardo (1964-1975)

                                                John Harlan (1978-79)

Producer:                             George Vosburgh


Music:                                   Merv Griffin

Taped At:                             NBC Studios New York (1964-75), NBC Studios Los Angeles (1978-79)


Intro of 1974 Jeopardy!

Intro of 1978 Jeopardy!




Three contestants try and give questions to answers.  In the earlier days, scoring was smaller than today’s must more stupid version of the show.  As you can see below, for the 1964-75 run regular J! was in $10 increments.  In the 1978-79 run, it was in $25 increments.  To earn the money, you must give your response in the form of a question. 



In the board there are Daily Doubles.  A Daily Double, allows the person to wager a player-determined amount of money to increase their score and possibly take a lead.  In the first round, there is only one.  In double J! there are 2.



Now after J! round was over, they moved onto Double J!  Except, in the case of the 1978-79 run, where only the two highest scored players moved onto Double J!  Where everything doubles, including the already mentioned Daily Double.  Point values increase by 2x their original amount, as shown below.  Then after Double J! was over, it was time to play either Final J! or Super J!



For the 1964-75 version, all 3 players played Final J!  First all 3 players were asked to determine how much they were going to wager on a final subject.  Then an answer was given.  Then the players had 30 seconds to come  up with the exact response to the answer.

For the 1978-79  version, the one player who had the larger score of the two players in Double J! at the end of the game, went on to play Super J!  The game board consists of 5 subjects, with numbers one to five.  The object is to get 5 in a row.  Each correct answer is worth $100, but all 5 in a row, was worth $5000.  Every time at the board increased $5000.