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Host:Adam Wade

Announcer:Pat Herndon

Producer: A Don Kirshner-Jerome Schnur Production



Music:Derek Smith and The Musical Chairs Orchestra, theme music composed by Derek Smith

Taped At: Ed Sullivan Theatre, CBS, New York City

Tape Dates: June 16-October 31, 1975


Only show on the circuit, open from middle of run



Four players competed in a game consisting of three rounds, with three different songs per round. A song was sung by the host Adam Wade or one of the celebrity singers with the singer stopping in the middle, with Adam then offering multiple choice options as to what the next verse was.Some choices had a false statement that was funny.A couple times that was the correct choice.In the first round, the first three players that rang in correctly (their podiums would light up in front with the letters A, B, or C, corresponding to their answers) received $50. In the second round, the first two players that answered correctly received $75, and in the third round, the first player that answered correctly won $100. The third round was also when the low-scoring player was eliminated after each question by having their "chair" (and desk) removed from the game via a breakaway wall (similar to what was used on MTVís Remote Control). The high scorer at the end of the third round was the dayís champion.

In the bonus round, Several different bonus games were played. The first had players matching the first line of a song with the second line on a board, with a 60-second time limit. For awhile after that, the winning contestant in the main game had their total winnings doubled, with no true end game. About a month before the end of the run, a new end game was added: champions chose one of three categories, heard the melody of a song, and then had to put ten lyrics to the song in order on a board within 30 seconds. The payoff was $100 per correct answer and $2,000 for all ten.